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We asked Which? Local-recommended painters and decorators to complete a survey about the cost and completion time for 10 standard painting and decorating jobs.

Armed with this information, you'll know what questions to ask, roughly what price you can expect to pay and how long jobs should take when hiring a painter and decorator.

Painter and decorator prices and completion times

All of our prices include labour and materials but exclude VAT.

Painting and decorating jobs: trader tips

In addition to the pricing and completion time information, our recommended painters and decorators also shared some helpful advice.

Research methodology

In July 2012, we sent a survey to all Which? Local traders in the Painters and decorators category with a rating of three stars or more and an email address.

55 painters and decorators responded to the survey. Using their experience and expertise, they answered questions about the cost of popular painting and decorating jobs, and how long they should take to complete.

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Job: wallpaper a room
This job is likely to take longer, and cost more, if there are lots of 'obstacles' such as chimney breasts, doors and windows to wallpaper around.

Job: remove Artex from a ceiling, plaster and repaint
In severe cases the ceiling would need to be reboarded, then plastered and painted. But the traders we surveyed told us that, in most cases, they would be able to cover up the Artex by plastering on top. Time and costs will be dependent on the condition of the ceiling.

Job: paint a room
Most traders told us that they would apply two coats for a professional finish. Typical times allow for two visits, as the first coat would need time to dry.

Job: repaint upstairs and downstairs hallway and stairs
We asked decorators to quote for painting walls only. Allow an additional two to three days if you want woodwork and ceilings painted too. Banisters, in particular, are a fiddly and time-consuming job.

Job: paint exterior of house
It depends on your house, but traders will probably need scaffolding to complete this job safely.

Scaffolding is expensive and could add a lot to your quote.

Some traders gave us quotes including scaffolding and some didn’t (hence the large price range). Make sure you ask traders about this to help you compare quotes more easily.


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